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September reading wrap up: 13/6 📚Great BooksEver wanted your face as your social favicon?Building a Software MVP: 5 Key Steps to Get Your Idea to Market FasterIt has been over a decade since I released my dubstep album "The Chaos EP" This was the first graphic design work I'd ever done. The photoshop file was 81gb and I don't know why.Post any content type on free tier and new pricing!This is my first postI need more iPhone mockup imagesHey everyone! I didn’t expect all the attention on TikTok - for anyone visiting, I hope you test out Starlo, It’s super early days here like v0.1 Which means you’re going to run into a lot of bugs, but it also means that as an early user you get to help decide what we build!New postsExpert Plus - Udemy Clone Script Our eLearning solution provides a variety of features to enhance the engagement and enjoyment of online teaching and learning. #lmsclonescript #Udemyclone #udemyclonephpscript This is an image3TeUYsdlNodES6GksR01What's Worse Than Failure?We're soft-launching today! Mostly sharing on Hacker News. Product Hunt is arriving tomorrow. Check out and for posts from Starlo's founders.Finishing touches on Starlo before we soft launch in the morning. For anyone new here, welcome!Our first product just launched! Check it out here: be adding a few Starlo FAQ pages and tutorial videos for everyone in the next few days.testThis is a fun audio clip that a radio show made about some of my work on Seance AI.73JCKjDvLkGHgUNbYh6v7A3xNIeD8LibXioOkUx6haircut day today kind of nervous 😳is this thing on?Spreading mass confusion across the US one small giraffe at a time, printed by the thousands. Testing faster postssCreating Starlo content inside of Suneme and my mary janes 🖤 socks - cider shoes - koi footwearShort Story #1: Setting the Sceneworking on a refreshed pricing page with a free tier and lower monthly sub - rolling out soon!9zQV3WqQL03vstxmb1yRI have a lot of energy in the mornings, but once I hit about 2pm everything starts to shift. It's an interesting challenge adjusting my task list to match my energy levels. For example, I don't do well with deep thought meetings at 8pm.Introducing Roseish. A mission-focused slow fashion brand with an emphasis on sustainability, ethical processes, quality, and transparency. We care deeply about the planet and our community. Come along for the ride. This is just the beginning. 🌸Just so you know: Starlo Home Page: shows posts from people you've subscribed to Starlo Explore Page: Shows who recently posted We're not actually sure if we're going to keep the Explore page or what it's going to look like long term, because the priority is for personal websites. Posted a tiktok video about Starlo - If you're new here, welcome - email me: or comment here if you have any questions, we're still get things set up.Post anything you like, with your own brand Starlo Discord server is now live! Join here to start connecting with others, and sharing ideas/bugs.'re live on Product Hunt! Glad to be here! 1low key disappointed in fn c5s2.. was hoping for a complete map redesign to fit the greek mythos theme Nothing Lasts ForeverSlide one of our pitch deck. Really proud of the way we're communicating our product right now.The Future of AI in Software Development10 tips for giving a business pitchmusic?HiReally excited about the progress we're making on Sune.Full transparency: If you don't need a personal website, and don't like posting things that don't get interaction immediately, Starlo might not be very sticky for you right away. If you have an existing audience or want to build a portfolio site of ideas and posts, then you'll probably like it.please workCreate Collections inside of Settings. Once you've posted, you can then add it to the collection!I'm happy to start sharing what we've been building here. Expect bugs and glitches, if you see any feel free to comment and let me now.Coffee cartFor outfit inspiration, check out my YouTube channel: Sincerely Tay, next personal project for me is to get custom styling started on Starlo. Will be starting with my existing site as a template, as well as things like tiktok, pinterest, and more.testing freeBe Original, I Beg YouSettling An ArgumentHello WorldStarlo is very much a long term consideration for me. I think everyone should have a safe space outside of major social networks to post on their own site.Perspective makes reality now have Collections on Starlo! Add new Collections on the settings page, and then click the menu button on a post and "Add to Collection"We are live on Product Hunt! Girl 🩷 sweatshirt: target skirt: aritzia stockings: asosCafes give me lifeThis'll be a perfect place for everything I want to share.Short Story #3: Eco-Friendly PackagingTradeoffsLooking forward to the cozy weather autumn brings 🍂 where I can spend my free time cuddled up with a book and cup of tea 🤎People will forget what you’ve said or done, but they won’t forget how you made them feel.Here's a fun little preview of some of the automation structure that we're building inside of Sune. i want to make a vlog but something about filming makes me feel shy idk why i will need to channel my braveryEasy is boringWhat feature would you like to see most in Starlo?I wish there was a way to have a vehicle that was basically like a motorcycle, but then it could expand to be bigger if you had passengers with you. Kind of like the light bikes in Tron, except variable sizes.We now have email notifications for comments and replies!I'm working like a madman right now. Can't wait to look back in 2 years and see what I've learned.Welcome to Starlo.fortnite still down cryingCan't wait to launch this new version of the goSolve landing page eventually.Starlo Introduction Personal Notetrying something new ;)MirrorsBuilding a Team: 5 Key Traits I Look for in Hiring for My Software CompaniesI can't wait until my airpods can connect to multiple devices at the same time. I want to play music from my phone and mac at the same time.I have been making a variety of letterpress, riso, and vinyl stickers and while I often just give them away I figured I ought to sell some to balance out the cost of making them. Over the last week, I have been shooting product shots of them and I almost forgot how fun product photography can be.I'm in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. It's always refreshing being out in the countryside.Inspire PassionInspiration for StarloProduct hunt launch went pretty well! Glad to have a few new people using Starlo too!test new postsBay area is nice. Definitely missing LA though.Sune is an AI-first collaborative workspace. Here's an early demo screenshot.Lately, I have been getting into Riso printing and have enjoyed the textures that result from it. It has also been a nice constraint as Riso printers only print in one color at a time / we only keep 2-3 colors on hand at a given time.10 Terms Every Software Entrepreneur Must KnowNYC - 10/9/2023Doing The Right ThingI'll be replacing my personal site with Starlo as soon as I port over the content on the site, and can set up some hard redirects. Side note, my plan is to have Starlo look even better than this eventually.Made a new Starlo profile because I think the last one had some bugs because it was so old. heytesting free post2“Yet, even in the midst of hatred and carnage, life is still worth living. It is possible for wonderful encounters and beautiful things to exist.” 🤍 – Hayao MiyazakiThis is an edited postsShawarmaaOverjoyed to see I'm able to post on Starlo now!We’re working on SEO improvements for Starlo. Twitter posts aren’t accessible from google search, but blog posts are. It’s interesting to see how different platforms handle access to content. Our approach will be to encourage discovery of content (and possibly build a way for users to opt out).Dune 2 is the best movie I've ever seen. Can't wait to watch 1, 2, and 3 all together one day.We should be designing our own algorthms. My group chat should have an algorithm that we customize together. Subreddits should have all the levers exposed so admins can modify algorithms to cater to the content. In 20 years people will be surprised we had no algorithm agency.Opportunities To FailFunny thing about having one of the oldest Starlo profiles on the platform, my old account had a technical bug and recreating a new account was the easiest way to solve it. The joys of creating.XTqRn6FFDSwbbB4Fi99zRight now we have categories to separate different post topics, but we’ll be making these more mature in time, so you’ll be able to adjust view format for each category. ootd // top - urban outfitters • skirt - amazon • boots - steve maddenStarlo Introduction Personal NoteI had an article written in Futurism about my work building (my work at AE Studio) Metrics Every Software Entrepreneur Must Track for SuccessWe're making improvements to our landing page and our platform to gear up for a public announcement in the next few weeks!Testing a free postLife is short. Let that shit go.Hello world! Anyone home. Good to be here.Let's try this posting thinggetting my first bonus and an 8% raise :o guess im not cooked after all Ещё один «убийца твиттера»? Зачем?Fun fact sea lions really like neon green, in the case of this green giraffe... It was loved so much a 1ft tall one(not pictured) was printed for training inside the tunnel and outside of it at the STL ZooWhy 90% of Software Startups Fail and How to Be in the 10%this is cool I've been working on a romantasy story on and off for over a decade now. It started off based on a pretend game a friend and I played as kids, but as I've changed and developed the characters over the years, it's far from what it started as.Here's a preview of Starlo's upcoming landing page redesign. Main goals: communicate the value of Starlo better, and also make creating an account more straightforward. Any feedback is welcome!I think one of the frustrating things about social media platforms is that certain conversations only happen in certain spaces. For example, Twitter conversations happen almost exclusively on Twitter.journeying so far just to go to a film store in seattle 😫Welcome to Starlo.Introducing our Wanderlust Puff Dress in Linen // Pre-orders coming soon in linen, silk organza, and silk chiffonI like StarloMy first post here! Can't wait to see how it grows!!!Urban Winter Beachgoer.This month is probably going to be the most intense month of work I've ever had. Very interested to see how this goes.Tomorrow is a soft launch for Starlo! Ray and I have been hard at work getting the platform ready for users. We'll still have a ways to go, but I'm confident Starlo is going to be a great solution for independent publishing.Like most tools, there's a market network benefit. Starlo essentially leans on your existing network or building a network, but that means that there's no pre-existing community. Maybe it's a good idea to consider some sort of invite your contacts function.Just built custom domainsNow you can notify your subscribers when you post on Starlo! Simply add the "Post Mail" extension on the extensions page, and then enable/disable it in the publish window when you go to post. If the icon is enabled, your subscribers will be notified!New Dune trailer just dropped. Loved the first one. Great homage to the book. Stories by Roseish • a collection of blog posts designed to share our mission and journey, along with a series of short stories set in a fictional world following the brand ✨🚀 New Feature - More Profile CustomizationsVery excited that I'll finally be receiving a Playdate. Their production and shipping delays have been brutal. Hardware is hard.I finally have a solid plot line and direction for the story and characters I'm excited to explore. I'm determined to see this story through to the end, even if I don't publish it and just share it with friends and family.fortnite being down... not a good look )-: I love the idea of doing it all differently because why are things the way they are?Starlo is almost stable enough for me to relocate my blog post from my current portfolio site to here, but I'm running into a few issues uploading larger images/gifs with a high success rate. Diagnosing...September was insane - SaaStr, LA VC Pitch Event, Techcrunch Disrupt, just a lot to handle. Taking a few days off and gearing up for an exciting october.Yes!goSolve is launching on August 10th. It's a big step to building a worldwide problem resolution platform. It isn't the best forum/platform ever, but for many topics, it'll be the first forum to ever even exist.# dsgdsfdsffdsfsfsThis is a 66mb videoWe're adjusting our pricing very soon, hopefully things will be far easier in the next week or two!A cairn, long fallen. #artinparadoxI'd like to get better about sharing why I do things. I tell people IRL all the time what my motivations are, but I think I'm just so used to sharing the what I do online.Personally, I think video is one of the highest potential points of Starlo. There pretty much isn’t a way to post TikTok style videos on your own website.This is the early version of Starlo, a space to publish your story however you'd like.Innovating in a Crowded Market: Our 5-Step ApproachAn interior mural I painted some years back. #artinparadoxI love working from cafes.test1 One problem that I personally run into while using Starlo is the fact that if someone visits my site, not knowing much about my work, they're just going to see a feed of information. So we'll probably enable the ability to add a default category or some sort of modal/about box with information.The Story Begins • Introducing Me and RoseishNew Here! #korea #한국how to solve every world problem. is now liveHumane wants to be humanThis is my first post about goSolve on Starlo. I'm very excited to launch the first version of our platform in a few months. Join the waitlist on!back from japan and korea after being gone for two weeks and im excited to just rot and watch the bachelor Short Story #2: The New InternMonthly reading goal for September 2023: 6BrainstormingUnsatisfying Explanationsanother monday but excited because i'm traveling on fridayJust added pinned posts and editing postsThis is a test article with imagesFrom a recent photo walk. Shot on a Canon AE-1 on Kodak Ultramax journaling and lattes ☕️ Our Worst MomentsIn the woods of Pennsylvania 🌲 Outfit 🤍 Bodysuit: Aritzia Scarf: Amazon Skirt: Aritzia Tights: Cozy Crew Shoes: Thrifted from Goodwillfeels like fall 🍂 sweater: forever 21 skirt: aritzia socks: asos shoes: thriftedWe should really not be producing so much polyester (plastic) clothing. So destructive.Sunday mornings are always goSolve meetings bright and early. It's exciting seeing the progress we're making to make the platform more accessible. We're tracking to have public access later this month.I promise my posts will not all be about my kids BUT on a whim I played Peek-a-boo with #2 and he giggled and my world can never go back to before I heard his laughter.Nice morning in northern Cali This weekend was fantastic! vK0xnWVOIV80LalcBPAXMeta's threads are interesting for sure, though there are some real privacy concerns as always. I know they want my data, but it just feels so predatory. At least google gives me good tools that feel empowering in exchange.Today we're launching Sune Early Access! Check it out at!when your nails match your outfit perfectly ✨ >>>>>>>>wo2nHrt2wc8pnimtaFiIwow imagei should have profile pic and stuff, idk why it's not showing up for meThe Future of Group Messaginghey starlos heres a video i edited!! hire me!! please!!Starlo probably should be built on the ActivityPub standard5 Common UI/UX Mistakes in Software Design and How to Avoid ThemAdding dynamic meta tags to Starlo5 Common Myths About Starting a Software BusinessTook a hikecoffee in the morning matcha in the afternoongoSolve LaunchCelebrating the first extension - Email notifications for your subscribers!